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February 2024 Internal Competition Judges

Banner photo -Swooping over Muir Creek by Pam Irvine

We sincerely thank our external judges listed below for their adjudication and comments in our Novice, Intermediate and Advanced digital and print competitions.  Their comments on our images are a valuable learning opportunity for all participants and will help our club members in all their photographic endeavours. 

Images and judges’ comments are available at the Victoria Camera Club website:  


Gilles Vezina:  Nature

Gilles is a Gatineau/Ottawa based photographer specialized in dance, event and travel photography.  He is also at ease with nature, portrait and sports photography.

Gilles was an active member of the RA Photo Club between 2003 and 2018.  Here, he led numerous interest groups and photography workshops.  He likes to work with individuals and groups to improve their photographic and artistic abilities.  During the pandemic, he developed his skills and knowledge in video making and editing.

Gilles is a member of the Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA) and became a Certified Judge 2010, 

More information about Gilles and his photography is available on his website:  


Cheryl Bramble:  Open

Cheryl joined the local Kelowna camera club in 2011 and that’s when photography became a Passion.  For 5 years she was the club’s Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA) Representative and also the Competition Chair, responsible for the club’s submissions to external competitions. 

Commitment to continually improving her skills led Cheryl into joining CAPA in 2016.  Cheryl received her Judge’s Certification in 2020.  In February 2021, she was appointed the Assistant Director of Competitions, and she is also a member of CAPA’s Competitions Team. In January 2024, she was honoured to be appointed as a judge for the inaugural CAPA Digital Salon.  Cheryl considers her involvement with CAPA and its members both an honour and a privilege.  

Lynne Kelman:  Theme (Mono Floral)

Lynne studied photography at Berkshire College of Art and worked in arts administration until retirement.

She has embraced the digital photography world and has extensive knowledge of Photoshop techniques.  Lynne prints, mattes and frames all her own work in her digital darkroom. 

Lynne gives lectures and talks on photography to local photography clubs, and is an active member of the Crescent Beach Photography Club.  She has taught photography and mentors locally.  Lynne also judges photography privately.  Her work has been published in local magazines and has hung in several galleries, in Canada and the United States.  In August 2022, she had a body of her work in an exhibition at the Newton Cultural Centre and also took part in a group exhibition at White Rock in January 2023 and 2024.

In 2024, 2025, Lynne will be offering Camera Clubs talks on both the technical and creative side of Still Life Photography.

Information about the Crescent Beach Photography Cub is available at:  https://www.cbpc.ca/

More information about Lynne can be found on her website:  https://lynnekelmanphotography.weebly.com/

You can also view Lynne’s work at:


Robert Laramée:  

Robert studied photography with the School of Modern Photography.  He joined the RA Camera Club (Ottawa) in 1975 and was a member for nine years.  During that time, he managed the club darkroom for several years.  Moving to a new house to raise a family, he put photography on hold for nearly twenty years.  Robert rejoined the RA Photo Club in 2002.  

Retirement gave him more time to devote to photography and he started studying at the School of Photographic Arts Ottawa in 2006, where he completed a Part Time Studies Certificate in Analog Photography in 2009.  

Robert has taught digital photography for the City of Ottawa and currently teaches at Académie des retraités de l’Outaouais.  He also runs workshops and recently started private coaching and mentoring.  As a photographer, he shoots landscapes and architecture; in the studio, he does tabletop photography and portraiture.  He became a Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA) Certified Judge in March 2016.

Brian Mohr:  Altered Reality

The Art of Capture by Brian Mohr

As the clock of life ticks on

A path of memories grow

Too often forgotten

fading with time

A memory dulled

Fear not says Sculptor

With chisel and mallet

I’ll find you in stone

Water colours, acrylics, oils

Paper, canvas and walls

The Painter lifts his palette

The Photographers

Learning from Masters

Sculpts with light

A shutter trips


From a very early age, photography was an interest of Brian’s, whether viewing what his parents produced in slides and prints, or leafing through magazines and books, photographs captured his imagination. 

Brian’s first tool was a Kodak Instamatic given to him when he was about eleven.  Later with multiple SLRs he would document events, landscapes and people.  For Brian, having a human element in his photography is what he enjoys most.  With the move to digital, came online courses and books.  An increased awareness of light had him embrace lighting.  He enjoys helping people learn and create and move forward in their photography. 

Since moving to the Okanagan in 2015, Brian has joined the Shuswap Photo Arts Club, the Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA) and has become a certified CAPA judge.  

The Shuswap Photo Arts Club website can be found at:  http://www.shuswapphotoarts.com/

More information about Brian can be found on his website until April 2024 at:   https://www.ownthemomentphotography.com/

Gregg Eligh:  All Print Categories  

Gregg is a now retired commercial photographer, having worked in Vancouver, Toronto and Victoria since the 70s.  His commercial work has been directed towards advertising, editorial, catalogue and corporate assignments.

Occasional teaching, coaching and workshops further developed Gregg’s skills and knowledge as well as contributing to his ‘community’.  “Imagination is better than knowledge”.

More information about Gregg and his photography can be found on his website:   


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