Christmas With Charlie-Snoopy & Woodstock.

January 2024 Internal Theme

January Theme is – In The Dark

As Rick Hulbert once said-( Follow the light, worship the light,  study the light ) but this time you have to do it in the ( dark) ! My words.

Winter can be cold and dreary making us all so very weary. Lets see what you can do to inspire us, maybe enlighten us on a new photographic technique or a brilliant idea. It’s time to shed some light on shooting in the dark. Mooning us is not enough though a good start. The Galactic Core is awesome but 

why not dazzle us with some inner fireworks or candles in the rain or lights on a cake! long exposures of your favorite skyline, light painting- people or Lighthouses. The only brush needed is in Lightroom. Light parades, moving lights, still lights or tea lights. Take some time to photograph the shadowy side of your environment, just not the dark side of the Moon! Day or Night lets see that flash of inspiration.

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