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September 2023 Competition Judges Part One

We sincerely thank our external judges listed below for their adjudication and comments in our Novice, Intermediate and Advanced digital and print competitions. Their comments on our images are a valuable learning opportunity for all participants and will help our club members in all their photographic endeavors.

Images and judges comments are available at the Victoria Camera Club website:

Allen Bargen : Nature

Allen’s photographic interests, while essentially general, includes people and places and demonstrates a passion for nature. Nature has certainly taken him to most of the continents in search of new adventures. Action and sports events are, more recently, a big draw for him and over the past several years has introduced him to the high speed world of Motor Sports, Dog Racing and pretty much anything that moves quickly.

He is a proud life member of the Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA), and a CAPA certified Judge. Allen is available for photographic lectures and Workshops.

More information about Allen and his photography is available on his website:

Karen Styles: Open

Karen’s association with the Western Photographic Circle (WPC) since 1987 has given her significant motivation in the pursuit of technical excellence in photographic art through a monthly peer review of prints from many talented fine art photographers from the Lower Mainland.

Karen has been judging at camera clubs, photographic salons and various photographic competitions for over 25 years. She always likes to take the time and encourage photographers with helpful suggestions and positive comments.

More information about Karen and her photography is available on her website:

Gilles Vezina: People

Gilles Vézina is a Gatineau/Ottawa based photographer at ease with nature, portrait, sports, dance, travel, and event photography.   He has been an active member of the RA Photo Club from 2003 to 2018.

Gilles has led numerous interest groups and photography workshops.  He likes to work with individuals and groups to improve their photographic and artistic abilities.  During the pandemic, he finally put some order to his 120,000+ pictures and developed his skills and knowledge of video making and editing.

Gilles has been a Certified Judge of the Canadian Association of Photographic Art since 2009. 

More information about Gilles and his photography is available on his website:

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