November 2023 Internal Theme Competition is Music.

We selected this theme to Support the Club External Competition to CAPA for January 15, 2024. This is a chance for you to submit a photo to the Internal Competitions, have an External judge provide comments and then perhaps submit directly to the Extrnal Competitions Committee or make a suggested change and then submit to the External Competitions Committee for their consideration or as a CAPA member submit directly to CAPA.

The requirements can be found at: .


There are four themes as follows:


  • Creative musical image can be abstract, expressionist or altered reality.  Image can include: musical notes, lines (staff), musical instrument(s), musician(s), person(s), etc… Query Google Music Art images for some inspirational ideas.
  • Musical instruments – image of musical instrument(s). Query Google Music Photography images for some inspirational ideas.
  • Musical performers – musician(s) which includes: orchestra, band, singers, choir, marching band, etc… Query Google Music Performance Photograph images for some inspirational ideas.
  • Performing to music – includes: all forms of dancing and/or movement to music such as: street dancing, dance performance, ballet, exercise class, musical production, etc… Image can contain one or more persons.  Query Google Music performance photograph images for inspirational ideas.

Of course for the purposes of the Internal Competitions you do not have to choose one of these themes, but if you do you are well on your way to entering your image in an External Competition.

All components of your image must be of your own making. For Internal Competitions how you process the image is your choice. 

Remember to experiment and have fun. 

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