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Image Reviews – Are They for You?

by Alec Lee, with Mary Weir, Pam Irvine, Kathryn Delany, Nick Delany

One of the many valuable services the Victoria Camera Club provides its members is a constructive, helpful critique of your images, through our Novice and Intermediate/Advanced Image Reviews.

Our Image Reviews provide a nonjudgmental, safe learning environment where respectful and thoughtful comments are provided about your images in a positive manner– what works, what doesn’t, what can be improved and why.  This will help in learning about both the technical and creative side of your photography and give you an opportunity to take your enjoyment of photography to the next level.

Novice Image Review

Perhaps you’re starting out in photography, or you’re learning to use your camera and working to get off automatic settings.  You may have been taking snaps for a while but now want to explore ways to improve.  If this is you, consider participating in the Novice Image Review.  Here, Novice members can get their images reviewed in a very safe space by some of the more experienced members of the club.  You can submit your images up to 24 hours before the session.

Your images will be viewed and discussed by the reviewers and basic suggested edits will be provided, dealing with such areas as depth of field, camera settings, composition, and how the eye of the viewer is led through an image.  Edits are performed live with Lightroom, giving you a chance to see before and after recommendations and to learn some post-processing techniques and tricks.  If you wish, you can have your image reviewed anonymously, so you’re not identified. As well, you are welcome to register and attend the discussions even if you don’t have an image being reviewed.  It’s a great way to learn!

The Novice Image Review is led by Pam Irvine, a long-time club member.  Other advanced members are invited to participate as reviewers.  The Novice Image Review runs monthly from September to April (except for December and February).  The next Novice Image Review is scheduled for Monday, November 20   It’s easy to sign up it; just click on it in the VCC Calendar and you’ll see directions to register.   If you have any questions, please contact Pam Irvine at . 

Intermediate/Advanced Image Review

For those of you who are comfortable using your cameras in manual or semi-manual modes and who understand the basics of composition, in other words, you’re at a more advanced level, the Intermediate/Advanced Image Review is for you.

This year our reviewers, Kathryn & Nick Delany, have been running a series of Image Reviews where they invite guest reviewers to join and review in depth approximately 12 images per session.  Here, each submission gets three opinions on how the image could be improved and how these improvements could be achieved.  They also provide a simulated competition score to indicate how the image may be judged for internal or external competitions.  The goal here is to help members self evaluate their images moving forward.

Kathryn, Nick, and the guest reviewer provide thoughtful and respectful feedback on how your image could be improved.  This year, there are three Intermediate/Advanced Image Reviews being offered.  The next one is scheduled for Tuesday, November 21.  The focus of this review is on Black and White images.  Please contact Nick () or Kathryn () if you would like more information.

Whichever Image Review suits you; these are excellent ways to learn in a supportive environment with like-minded people.  It’s a great way to improve your creations.  

So please consider taking part.  If you have any general questions about the Image Reviews, or about any of our Workshops, please get in touch with Alec at or Mary at . 

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