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The Impacts of AI on Photography: the good, the bad, and the ugly

The impacts of Artificial Intelligence on photography have become an important and controversial topic of discussion in 2023. Is an AI-generated image a photograph? Is it art? Is it acceptable to include AI in photographs submitted to competitions? Where do we draw the line?

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Rick Hulbert has been experimenting with a variety of AI tools that are image related–and he has developed some of his own ideas about the pros and cons of this fast-evolving technology from both the photographer’s and the viewer’s perspectives. He has also been chatting with the people who run inter-club competitions at the Canadian Association for Photographic Art about what AI means for competitions. He will share what he has learned and his personal views on this topic with us on September 14.

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Rick is well-known to our Club. He has been a speaker on various topics, and he has led in-person and virtual workshops. He is a former architect and now full-time photographer and educator. His presentations are always informative, energizing, and entertaining. Please join us on September 14, at 7:00 PM by ZOOM. It should be a fascinating discussion.

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AI’s role is to make access to infinite possibilities a universal gift, through vast computing ability, machine learning, and superhuman speed . . . but it takes human intelligence to actually have the experience, to want it, to benefit from it personally . . . . [T]he future belongs to users who can sort out potential deception and harness it.” Deepak Chopra

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