F8 and be there!

Famed 1940’s New York City crime photographer, Weegee, birth name Arthur Felig, was asked several times about his uncanny ability to show at the scene of murders, often before the police. 
He never gave a good explanation, but he always explained his ability to get the shot. 
F8 and be there was his answer. It really meant, be prepared for the shot and you will more likely get it.
Nature photographers, news photographers, sports photographers, street photographers, wedding photographers, pretty much all photographers can greatly increase their chances of getting the photograph by merely being prepared.

The other day, I was diving at Ogden Point with my dive partner Melissa, and Melissa spotted a Giant Pacific Octopus. She waved me over and I took a few shots.

For the stills, I used a Nikon D7000 with a 18-55 lens in an Ikelite housing and used an Ikelite DS160 flash. 
For the video I used an old Sony action camera and a Suptig underwater light. (the light costs $50 on Amazon)

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