Photo by Sharon Moysey

September 2023 Theme: Black and White

Our 2023/24 VCC Internal Competitions season kicks off with a traditional photographic challenge:  our theme for September is “Black and White”.

“Elevator Row, Warner AB” by Richard James
“Elevator Row, Warner AB” by Richard James

We selected this theme to support our club’s participation in external competitions and specifically the November 2023 CAPA “Black and White” competition.  This is a chance to get feedback on your image from qualified judges, in advance of making a decision whether to submit your image for consideration in the external competition.  Let’s make it difficult for the External Competitions Committee to select our club’s submissions by having an abundance of excellent images!  

Black and white photography has a rich history.  If you’re looking for inspiration, check out the work of masters such as Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange or Henri Cartier-Bresson.

“Paul Black @ Blues Bash” by Tim Agoston
“Paul Black @ Blues Bash” by Tim Agoston

The requirements can be found at  Here are the key elements:

  • The image must be a traditional black and white, ranging from very dark gray (black) to very light grey (white) with varying shades (darker) and tints (light) of the grayscale.  Infrared images are permitted.
  • The image must portray one of the following:
    • Architecture – i.e. a human-made structure.  Can be urban or rural and image can be taken from inside or outside the structure
    • Dilapidated – an abandoned aircraft, boat, ship, building, structures, trains or vehicles
    • Landscape – subjects such as weather phenomena, geological formations, cityscape, landscapes, seascapes and natural phenomena such as planets, stars and astronomical events
    • Person(s) – traditional or casual portraits
  • All in-camera, on-camera and post-processing techniques are permitted.  All components of the final image must have been taken by you.  Frames or borders are not permitted.

If you are uncertain about entering competitions, there are a couple of great workshops coming up to answer your questions:  Introduction to VCC Internal Competitions on August 28 and Getting the Most out of VCC External Competitions on August 29.  Details are on the calendar on the VCC web page at

Header photo by Sharon Moysey

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