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LOOK AGAIN! A Photographic Art Show

There is a very cool photographic art show happening until July 30, 2023 at the Metchosin ArtPod. It is a juried exhibition and while billed as a photographic art show, it is perhaps better described as photo-based art. I will explain below.

Several of our talented and creative VCC members have featured works on the walls: Giuseppe Buccoliero, Bobbie Carey, Kevin Keliher, Monica Reekie, and Lorna Zaback.

This exhibition is largely in the creative realm. And I found it fascinating. To the point that I went back two days in a row. There is some representational photography, but the bulk of the art relies on a variety of tools, processes, and media to create layered images and stories that make you want to look lean in and think. 

From a production perspective, there is a good amount of Photoshop, but many works rely loosely on photography as one element within a broader mixed media creation with the use of  image transfers, acrylic paints, collage, recycled content, camera-less cyanotype, and even stitching.

Giuseppe Buccoliero makes VCC proud with “Blue Bridge Memories” image that won the Juror’s Award. Congratulations Giuseppe!

Many of you will be familiar with the works of Edward Weston, I was especially amused and impressed by Lorna Zaback’s “Twenty-Nine and a Half (for Edward)” where she uses expert lighting and artful poses to depict 29.5 (right?) peppers as a nod to Pepper No. 30, one of Weston’s most famous photographs.


It’s also noteworthy that the images are supported by project statements that are as interesting to read as are the works themselves. They give a glimpse into the artists’ methods and intent. Some of the artists are equally gifted as writers as they are in the domain of image creation.

In conclusion, go see the show and support our VCC artists! You could even combine it with the Sooke Fine Art Show which opens on July 29 and make it an art-viewing day.

ArtPod is in Metchosin at the corner of Happy Valley and Metchosin roads. It’s only open Fridays-Sundays from 11-4PM.

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