VEN-us 2023

Separated | Intersected | Connected

That is the theme of the conjunction of works by Judi Beck, and VCC members Anne McCarthy and Danielle Labonte´. 

Together they have produced works and have shared them with each other allowing others to be inspired by their images.

For example, Danielle took a number of photographs of Great Blue Herons roosting in a nest and the others drew inspiration. Anne McCarthy created a visually beautiful Japanese looking interpretation

Judi Beck created images of Swamp Lanterns, (Skunk cabbage) showing the flowers while Danielle´ and Anne did their interpretations. 

Anne McCarthy created three pieces, that to a photographer, look like the Sabatier method. And she printed the results on metalized canvas, an interesting medium.

The show runs until May 28 at the Gage Gallery, 15 Bastian Square.

Please. if you have a show coming up featuring your work, let the blog editor know.

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