Yellow Rose

One Colour

The purpose of theme competitions is to encourage VCC members to stretch their photographic skills to include subjects and techniques they might not have used previously. For March 2023, the theme is “One Colour.”

For the “One Colour” theme we are looking for photographs that are predominantly one colour; they are not black and white. The rolling hills of the Palouse, for example, in their varying shades of green that evoke a feeling of serenity, a sense of being out in nature, would fit this theme well. The Digital Photography School describes monochromatic colour photography this way:


Basically, any photograph containing only the hues or tones of a specific colour [is] considered monochromatic. A photograph can be organically similar in tone [as in Yellow Rose] or edited in post-production by adjusting the blending mode of a solid-coloured layer [as in The Light at the End of the Tunnel]. Either way, monochromatic photography is about prioritizing colour to enhance mood and atmosphere. (

A theme competition is not like a scavenger hunt where any snapshot that includes the theme subject will do. The purpose is to create an interesting, well-composed, technically well-executed image that also captures the theme. Each image will be judged for its technical aspects (light, exposure, appropriate sharpness, camera angle, focus, etc.), its organization (composition, use of space, distractions, etc.), and for its emotional impact or “wow” factor, in addition to how well it depicts the theme. 

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