Over the past 3 years, we suspended in-person meetings due to COVID. In 2022, we attempted to hold
hybrid meetings, but the results were not very successful.
In the last couple of months, our members have asked the Board to consider returning to in-person
meetings to bring back the social aspect of club membership. In early December, we conducted a
survey of all our members to objectively find out their preferences.
50% of our members responded, with 59% of the respondents favouring a “choice between in-person or
Zoom”. Only 13% favoured in-person meetings only and 22% favoured Zoom meetings only. However,
85% of the respondents indicated they would attend hybrid meetings if they were offered. The results
are clear – our members prefer a choice between in-person and Zoom meetings and they are willing to
attend hybrid meetings.
The Board has agreed to hold hybrid meetings, but only if they can be run properly. This will require an
investment in some specialized equipment, which we are in the process of obtaining. Our goal is to have
hybrid meetings up and running (properly) in February. We plan to hold Competition Night and
Members’ Night both in-person and via Zoom, so the largest number of members can attend. Watch for
the formal announcement in the Calendar on the website.

– Bob Law, on behalf of the Board.

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