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Season’s Greetings

Dear Members,

Your VCC Executive wishes you all a very warm and restorative holiday season. 

The white stuff has shown up in Victoria to add to the seasonal ambience.

Don’t overdo it with the shovels! 

We really look forward to resuming our programming in January. You will find a variety of social and learning opportunities in the calendar: competitions, workshops, guest speakers, field trips, and special interest pursuits. Our recent member survey clearly indicates that VCC members favour hybrid meetings. We will acquire the necessary equipment and training and aim to commence hybrid meetings in February 2023.

While it’s the holiday season, don’t forget that three external competitions close on January 15, 2023, at 11:30 p.m. You might want to spend a bit of time on getting your photos ready for submission? Check the blog post for more info.

Best wishes,

Danielle Labonté, Bob Law, James Dies, Margaret McNay, Ian Faris, Jason Frank, and Deb Thurlbeck

Photograph by Roger Botting

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