Photo by Ron Charles

January Theme – Monochrome Street Scenes

It’s the start of a new calendar year and the first theme of 2023 is Monochrome Street Scenes. -very appropriate for the monochromatic weather we may experience that month. 

What is monochrome photography? It’s the creation of an image in different shades of a single colour which includes grayscale (black and white) which can be achieved in-camera or in post-production.

Here are 5 tips for shooting in monochrome from a MasterClass article.

  1. Subject matter. Generally monochrome works best with a strong primary element in the image, one that captures and holds attention. A strong subject can anchor the photograph and emphasize the foreground.
  2. Tonal range. A monochrome photograph should show a range of shades; try to capture scenes with a wide variety of tones.
  3. Lighting is important when shooting monochrome; shadows will provide the contrast on which monochrome thrives.
  4. Textures, lines, and angles play out dramatically.
  5. Shapes and patterns are also beautifully captured in monochrome, and do well situated behind prominent subjects.

The judges will be looking for technical proficiency and creativity in photographic vision, clearly defined tones or hue, lighting, layering, creativity, and the WOW factor. So, grab your gear and get out on the street; or find a street image you’ve captured and processed within the past two calendar years and enter it!

Photo by Ron Charles
Photograph by Ron Charles

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