Storm Over Tucson by Jonathan Adams

February 2023 Theme – Weather

The most common topic of conversation among people, particularly strangers, is the weather. Typically, this subject serves as an ice breaker for conversation. You, on the other hand, will use weather to create a photographic image worthy of discussion on its own merits.

For inspiration, if you need it, click on this link is to the Weather Photographer of the Year for 2022. Here you will find the 8 winning photos:

Your photo may incorporate artificial or natural objects, structures, people, wildlife, and so on as long as the story behind the photo is weather related. Every season has its distinctive varieties of effects and moods, so the sky is the limit. Of course, you are not limited to photos of the sky; weather can portray itself on patches of earth and water as well. As you exult or grumble or otherwise express your feelings about the weather over the next few weeks, try to capture it in ways that express your own creativity. 

Please submit your photo no later than 11:30 p.m. on Thursday, February 2, 2023.

Storm Over Tucson by Jonathan Adams

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