December Events

Saturday, December 3 – Field Trip: Lighted Truck Parade

Celebrate the Christmas season by shooting the Lighted Truck Parade. 
Registration required.


Photo Credit: Don Piper

Tuesday, December 6 – Alt Tues Field Trip: Christmas in Oak Bay

Photograph the Christmas lights and decorations along Oak Bay Avenue.
10 AM.
Registration required.

Thursday, December 8 – Presenter’s Night

Ann Piché will draw you into her magical world, beyond visible, which is inspired by mathematics and string theory and executed using experimental camera techniques.
7PM via ZOOM.
Registration not required.


Saturday, December 10 – Field Trip: Greek Orthodox Church

Join us to explore and photograph this beautiful Church that contains beautiful woordword and lovely Greek artifacts.
10 AM 
Registration required.

Tuesday, December 13 – Field Trip: Monochrome Street Scenes

Create photos you can enter into January’s internal competition theme: monochrome street scenes!
10 AM
Registration required.


Photo credit: Ian Clay

Monday, December 19 – Field Trip: The Lights of Wonder

Join us to photograph the fantastic display of lights in Centennial Square.
6 PM
Registration required.


Photo Credit: Jim Fowler

Tuesday, December 20 – Alt Tues Field Trip: Victoria Butterfly Gardens

An opportunity to photograph 75 species of butterflies, flamingos and other birds.
Entrance fee.
10 AM
Registration required.


Photo Credit: Steve Lustig

Friday, December 30 – CAPA Digital Artistic Deadline

The deadline to submit your entries is at 11:30 PM

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