Christmas Gifts?

The VCC Executive was asked about what they might want for Christmas, or what they might want to give others.
The title photo is of the club president’s bathtub.

Danielle writes,

“wish list: Access to a fully equipped darkroom so that I can pursue historic processes somewhere other than in my bathtub. We don’t have a bylaw about using my bathtub in this way but I’m sure it’s coming.
would give: subscription to Frames Magazine to spark a friend’s interest in contemporary photography
would give: a membership to the famous Victoria Camera Club”
Photo by Ian and Lorraine Faris

Deb Thurlbeck writes, “Watching the snowflakes coming down inspired me to think – what would I want for Christmas for myself and fellow photographers. The gift of warmth came to mind – Photographer’s Gloves, to keep my hands warm when out shooting on a cold day. This in case you haven’t already cut the fingertips off of all your other gloves! Also, rechargeable hand warmers to continue shooting when it’s cold.”

close-up digital‘s editor, Roger Botting, wishes everyone had a remote control for their camera. 

“I have been taking holiday photos of myself and my family for the past 40 years, mostly selfies.A remote camera release really makes things easier.
The attached photo is from when my daughter was an aspiring artist, some 30 years ago.”

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