close-up digital: Exclusive News,
Ideas, and Information from the
Victoria Camera Club


Welcome to the Victoria Camera Club’s new electronic newsletter “close-up digital.

Here you will find exclusive news, ideas, and information from and about our membership.

The newsletter is set up as a blog. It is intended to be evergreen, meaning that news items, articles, and announcements can be added when ready to share. There will be not be a monthly deadline. Click on the “About” tab to find information about how to submit items.

Our Club has a long tradition of members actively sharing knowledge, techniques, reviews of outings, and other information of interest. This began as a few pages in 1944 and we can trace “Close-Up” as the name of our Club newsletter back to then. You can find a post about the history of Close-Up in today’s blog. We hope our membership’s sharing tradition will continue and that you will all look for ways to showcase your enthusiasm for photography in close-up digital!

Make sure to bookmark this page and check back here frequently. To minimize email blasts, we will be sending monthly reminders that coincide with the publication of upcoming monthly events (outings, workshops, presentations, competition deadlines, etc.)—but posts will appear in the blog throughout the month as they become available. You can be sure to get the latest updates as soon as they become available by subscribing to a specific blog category—and you can subscribe to all of them by clicking on the “subscribe” button.

Thank you to Roger Botting for assuming the role of Editor, James Dies and Douglas Layden for technical assistance, and to our copy editors Margaret McNay, Anne McCarthy, and Jane Taylor. If you’d like to help with this ongoing endeavour, we’d love to have you on board! 

Danielle Labonté

On behalf of your VCC Executive