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Welcome to our blog.

This blog was created in November 2022 as a replacement for our paper publication Close-Up. Close-Up served us well for the many years that we published it; it received many awards and garnered a lot of praise for its articles and stories, as well as it’s photographic content.Times do change and we felt it was time to move forward. The world has become more interconnected with electronic media, and we felt it was time to join in that trend with an electronic version of our magazine.
We knew we would be in pioneering territory as no clubs anywhere have a blog to get their message out. We were on the leading edge.
Everyone from our web designer, Quadra Street Designs, the app developer, Icegram, to our Editor, Roger Botting, and everyone in between when through weeks of headaches and setbacks. It’s called bleeding edge for a reason.
But now it’s done and working spectacularly. Our subscribers have grown and grown; interest has spread far beyond the club and will continue to grow.
This is a great achievement for our club, and it only happened because nobody gave up. This is something the club can be proud of.

James Dies – President – Victoria Camera Club